Monday, January 7, 2008

Update for the New year

I haven't posted anything in a while..I'd like to say that I was busy sewing...

PR weekend came and went and I loved every minute of it. I passed out the bookmarks, my secret project, and they were a big hit. Everyone was inspired by the creative use of cable-ties as boning. I bought about $400 worth of fabrics, mostly knits. Used the first one almost right away, to make a Christmas Top. That top will be known as the "needle-eater," as I went through 3 needles when I made it!! But it turned out beautifully and I got several compliments, including one from my middle family, who never notices these things!

I'm currently working on a Vogue dress; I've decided to make an "obi-inspired" belt from Threads magazine. Without it, the dress looks like a mumu...which is a definite no-no for my figure! I'm glad that I've found a garment that will complement that belt, since I've been wanting to make it for awhile! The fabric is yet again giving me fits, as I'm trying to sew a slightly narrow hem, 1/2", and well, the fabric keeps "walking." I'm currently using a pair bent-nosed tweezers as an awl to kind of shove the fabric evenly into the presser foot/feed dogs. It's working well enough! It will be sooo much fun to sew the hem...ugh.

I'm already itching to start on a new project..especially since I got a lot of new fabric from my mom for Christmas. Most of it poly but also very pretty. I think I want to do a quick and dirty project next...just because this dress has taken so much time and effort.

Until next time...