Friday, August 1, 2008

WBP, part IV

Okay, last night I looked through Pants for Real People again. I noticed that when they took a vertical tuck in the back of the pants, that additional fabric was needed in the side seam, usually in the hip/waist area. So I'll try taking out a vertical tuck and see what it does to the side seam. It might even straighten out the lower side seam.

I also took a look at my crotch curve. I have a flexible ruler that I bought for an online tailoring class years ago. I don't think I ever finished the tailoring class but I kept the ruler around just in case. So I molded the ruler to my crotch (Yeah, like that. I was wearing pajamas.) and compared it to the crotch curve on the pattern. It actually matches pretty well to commercial pattern, except perhaps in the crotch curves in more than the pattern but the pattern also looks like it has a dart rotated to the center back seam.... The muslin CB seam is just a touch loose so I might just shave a bit more off of the CB in effect deepens the dart to match my curve. It's counter-intuitive.

I'll experiment in fabric tomorrow...