Monday, April 7, 2008

I lurve my mini-iron

So to continue from last night, my wee iron was called into action as I flipped the sewn facings to the inside. To help the facings roll to the inside, I pressed the seam allowance towards the fashion fabric. This is different than nearly every pattern instruction out there. But I find my facings roll better (and stay on the inside better) when I press the seam allowance that way. The wee iron was able to sneak inside the neckline very easy...and it allows for precision pressing where needed. Then I flipped the facings to the inside of the garment and pressed them in place...that's the glory of the little iron! Have you ever tried getting your big iron to press a neckline seam? Yeah, you know what a pain it is. (I have a pressing ham but didn't use it for this project because the neckline is so straight. Any other neckline or collar type I would use the ham.) So yes, the little iron takes longer but it saves me aggravation, which is totally worth it. I then edgestiched to keep the facings in place (and stitched in the ditch at each of the sleeve seems for the same reasons). Doing edgestitching without pressing first is a total pain. The neckline looks great, if I do say so myself.

Tonight I sewed the side seams and finished the raw edges of all of the hems. Tomorrow I will press the hem and if I have time I will sew the hems and the shirt will be done! I probably won't, as I will be getting home late due to a sewing guild meeting. Yes, I am that geeky about sewing. But then you already knew that from the way I gushed about my wee iron. MY LITTLE IRON RULES.

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