Monday, February 25, 2008


So, I have once again reminded myself why I am not a quilter. I'm working on a shopping cart cover for a friend of mine, Katie (an excellent nurse), and I've also volunteered to make another one for my office-mate and general confidant, Alyson. Except next time I am getting rid of the batting and maybe the quilting part as well. As I was struggling mightily with the "quilt sandwhich" to get all three uber bulky layers underneath the presser foot, I was swearing mightily and thinking, this totally sucks. I do not own a real quilting machine...and it's evident by the fact that there is just not a whole lot of space to the right of the presser foot in which to cram almost 4 feet of bulky quilt. I wanted to start drinking by the end. Add to that, in my demented, perfectionistic state, I HAD to, had to, do all of the quilting lines in the same that I wouldn't get any weird puckering. I didn't get any of the puckering caused by sewing in opposite directions, but I'm not sure that my sanity was worth the effort.

I'm almost done with it, and I do have to give myself a pat on the back. It's pretty cute. But the next one is being done with 3 layers of flannel. And no batting. Or maybe just low-loft batting next time... All I can say is god bless quilters, those sew-ers are patient folks.

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