Friday, February 29, 2008

Cootie Cover...almost done....

Cootie cover #1 (for Katie) is almost done...what a relief. These last few steps were not as painful as the quilting, but gosh...I'm glad I don't do this every day! Threading the elastic through the binding actually made my hands a bit sore. I'm now sewing the snaps onto the toy loops, then I will have to hand-sew the toy loops onto the cover. I'm going to set them a little lower on the cover than the directions state...I think the loops will actually fall outside of the shopping cart seat if I had sewn them into the binding. The snaps will allow the loops to open (not an option in the original directions) and make the loops a bit more practical.

I also found a neat set of instructions on eBay for folding the cover into itself and using the safety strap as a carrying handle. I had thought about making a pocket to fold the cover into, but those directions are so much better.

The next cover that I'll make for Alyson will be different...and easier. I'll just use the width of the pre-quilted fabric for the 44" wide part (I should have thought of that with the first cover...), then I'll measure 40" into the length of the fabric. The toy loops will be made from left-over leg binding (I'm hoping that there will be enough, if not, I'll use some extra shoestring/drawstring for the toy loops). I have plenty of leftover blanket binding for the second it turns out, I only need one package for each. Doing the second one back-to-back with the first will make the second one go faster, I think, as I will remember the steps and the short-cuts that I want to take.

Then...on to my next project. It's coming up on spring...or maybe I'll make another pair of knit pants.

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