Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wow, it's Valentine's day, already...

I've had a bum day at work and I haven't blogged in a while, so I figured I would post an update...which in turn will perk up my spirits.

I made an awesome tutorial for how to copy my favorite RTW pair of underwear, it's posted on pattern review. I've already made three pairs of underwear and I love them. I've got TONS of beige fabric left over so there's plenty more where that came from :) I'm so inspired by how well the undies turned out that I'm thinking of copying my sports bras...which are really just basic little training bras for girls that I bought from Target. They work for me :) So while I can be depressed by my membership in the IBTC club, at least my bras are inexpensive. Anyway, copying shouldn't be too difficult.

I bought a new "journal" for keeping track of my WIPs, and also any changes that I made to the pattern. It's a hybrid notebook-slash-binder; it's got these plastic rings that kind of snap open like the metal rings in a binder, but the spine of the notebook is made from a fabric-like material, so it's very flexible and I can open the whole thing like a regular notebook. It's very neat and while I was initially kind of squeamish about spending money on it, I've definitely come to prize the notebook and it's perks.

I made a butterick top last weekend from some knit fabric that I bought at PR w/e 2007. It's a large print composed of mod flowers. The shirt came out okay, but I'm convinced that either the style or the large print itself makes my bust look even smaller. I need to post a review on PR when I get the time. I plan to wear the shirt to work next week.

I made the obi- style belt for the Vogue dress...and it did NOTHING for the dress. I still looked like I was wearing a mumu. I kept the dress because I'm thinking of recycling the fabric (there's like 3.5 yards of fabric invested in the dress..I could make a tank top or three!). At first I was going to do a review, but I've already wasted so much time on that darn dress that I don't want to bother. On to bigger and better things!

So I've got TONS of fabric that my mom gave me. Most of the pieces are slithery, sheer, very pretty, poly prints. I guess this is my chance to work through my phobia of those very fabrics. I've got nothing to lose...

I've got a long weekend this weekend...maybe I can take advantage of it and give myself a little sewing vacation. MMMMM...the possibilities :)

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