Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Test driving the cootie-cover

I went to Walmart today and brought the nearly complete cootie-cover to see if it would fit the shopping cart. It's *just* an the back. Sigh. I thought it might be but I was hoping.... so I bought an extra yard of fabric to make a border. But when I got it home, I saw that I had some left-over fabric from the project. Being the, ah, time-efficient person that I am, I just used the left-over to add 3" to the back of the piece. I spent an hour doing that tonight. Tomorrow (or maybe Friday), I'll put the blanket binding step closer to completion.

I had a bright idea for Alyson's cootie-cover...use pre-quilted fabric. Ta-da! And pre-made bias binding...I know, I know, I swore off the stuff but man, do I hate making binding. Maybe it will get softer after washing (wishful thinking??). I also think that I will either use snaps to attach the toy-loops or I'll get some carabiners to make it easier to hook a toy into the loops. I wonder if there's such a thing as plastic carabiners....

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