Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Cootie Cover #1, Final Test Drive

Hi world! I went on a covert mission last night and tested Katie's Cootie Cover. I'm proud to say that it went 99% perfectly. The carts at Michael's Art and Crafts are smaller than the ones at Wal-mart, so the toy loops flopped over the front of the cart, but other than that, the cootie cover is one cute little thing! Oh, and the pockets are totally useless as they too hung over the sides of the smaller cart. I suspected it while I was attaching them, so I am not surprised.

Alyson's cootie cover is 85% done. I pressed and pinned the binding on tonight. Tomorrow I will sew it on and likely Friday I will insert the elastic into the binding. Buying pre-quilted fabric definitely made my life easier and sped up the project immeasurably. Yay!

I also used the binding foot for the first time the other night. I'm not totally impressed by it. I don't think it makes attaching the binding any easier. I didn't have to use pins, but any time I saved by not pinning was spent guiding the fabric into the binder foot. It might make sewing on home-made binding easier (not using pins), but there was not any advantage using a store-bought binding.

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