Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Must have more shirts!

Okay, so here's a clue to my inner type-A self. I pick out all of my outfits for the week so that a) I do all of my ironing at once, and b) I don't spend 5 minutes every morning looking in my closet and thinking "crap, what am I going to wear today?" So this past Sunday, I was going through the clothes and I was tired of all of it. I'm ready for spring. I'm ready for some new spring tops. I am ready for some new spring pants. And skirts. More shirts please!

So that's going to be the next project, some new shirts. What will it be? I have a couple of as yet untried patterns but I'm also looking for RTC inspiration. The janet Button-up is adorable...the wide neckline will look great and the little pouf sleeves will be fabulous. I may not keep the sleeves..I'm always cold at work and pouf-y 3/4 sleeves just don't sound right. Check out the Cordata! and if you zoom in on it, it looks like a bunch of little hearts! I'm in love. I could probably re-interpret that fairly easily using fabric yo-yos. I may have hit upon something here! The Tamatebako blouse is stunning but seeing as I can't figure out how they did that gathering-thing, it will probably remain in idea-land. The neckline treatment on the Cynosure blouse is interesting...possibly too much of a good a ruffle on steroids. I would probably do a narrow ruffle..definitely a narrow ruffle. Out of some gauzy cotton...ooooh. Which I happen to have... The rest... I can live without. I cannot do the blousy, gathered, peasant blouse thing. It would make my bust microscopic. And I would look like a ten year old.

Let's see what Banana Republic has to offer...nothing that I'm interested in. On to the Gap...ack, nothing there either.

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