Sunday, March 16, 2008

So, what are you blogging..?

I'm still working on cutting out the muslin for a bias cut kwik sew dress. Very boring for posting right now..especially since I haven't done any work on it since Friday morning (more on that later).

I'm currently fluffing out my links for other blogs and as I was going through the links, I saw a picture on Liana's Fashioned blog that I love, love, lurve. Go to the March 11, 2008 entry and scroll down to the 2nd and 3rd photos. Yeah, those two. Isn't that the COOLEST twinset ever? It ain't your grandma's twinset. Imagine, a pin-tucked twinset from a sheer. It's awesome. Totally sexy. I want one. Go ahead and check out the rest of the pictures. I have never heard of this Chado Ralph Rucci dude (dudette?) but he's now my favorite designer. I wanna design like him when I grow up...or until next spring anyway!

There's another sewing/fashion blog that I check in with regularly...A Dress A Day! And the blogger (Sorry, I don't know her name), posts "a dress...mostly everyday." She loves all things retro and I love that she loves all things retro. She make me want to love all things retro, except I remember that I am not into vintage or retro patterns. Most of them don't come in my size and I really dislike re-sizing patterns. Right up there with washing the dishes. So in her most recent post, Linktastic Friday No. 4, there's a link to paper wedding gowns. Not as tacky as you think, but you have to wonder (or at least I do), about the increased risk for a "wardrobe malfunction." Looking through the pictures of the wedding gowns, many of them are even pretty, but you have to like modern style dresses.

So I went out of town over the weekend to visit some friends and go bridesmaid's dress shopping (which was purchased but not at a store; when the dress arrives I shall post a picture and provide the fabulous story). As I was packing last Friday, I really, really wanted to bring the fabric for the KS dress. I had only two more pieces to cut out you see and well, I wanted to take advantage of any down time. Now, I believe cutting out is the hardest thing to do on the road, because it's so tool intensive. I need scissors, pins, pincushion, ruler (preferably the yard stick as I was cutting one layer at a time AND on the bias), marking pen, and marking chalk. Oh, and the fabric and patterns needed. Most of the items are small and will easily fit into a bag. But...I didn't wanna bring all of that with me. Mostly out of sheer laziness...just more schtuff I have to pack. So what was my crazy solution (because, oh yes, I WAS going to finish cutting out the muslin for this dress!)? My friend's mom also sews and I was just going to borrow her stuff. Perfect. I even had a 5 h "layover" at her mom's house. Except I got so busy chatting with her mom and playing with the grandbaby that...I didn't do it. (Insert irony here.)

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